Free Yourself from Self-Sabotage

Step into radical self-leadership and start walking the path of self-liberation by learning how to identify and evolve out of your personal self-sabotage tendencies.


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    Maryna Ninovska

    Self-Mastery Mentor
    Trauma Specialist | Author

    Who am I?

    Hey Queen, I am passionate post-traumatic growth advocate here to support women in healing their history, transforming the relationship they have with themselves and becoming their own medicine.

    I initiate growth seekers into radical self-responsibility and emotional mastery through the vehicles of shadow work, inner child therapy & somatic trauma resolution, so that they can deeply heal their inner world and evolve out of their self-sabotaging tendencies and self-defeating patterns.

    What will you learn?

    • How to shift your shit and no longer be stuck in 'surviving'
    • How to map and tackle outdated toxic tendencies you picked up from your family system
    • How to break free from self-abandonment and self-betrayal in order to build self-trust and confidence.